At broad and tall 6ft 3” with greying hair flowing down his back and a long beard, Jeff is a physically imposing bear-like man but is really something of a gentle giant. He’s run a second hand record shop since the early 90s and has an encyclopedic knowledge of music. Not a chap to take life very seriously, his preferred mode of getting through is to laugh at everything. He and Nick have been best mates since they were 10 and have gone through an incredible amount together. He calls Nick ‘Crazy Dude’ and like his pal, he is prone to start a conversation about an obscure band or record to avoid actually discussing anything personal. He’s also never happier than when dropping into crazy mode just to intimidate the bad guys. Capable of behaving very strangely, making high pitched noises while making out he is a rabbit, or a bear and staring wildly, “what’s the matter with your friend?” is a question Nick often gets asked.

His motto? “If rock n roll has taught us anything, it is that right is wrong.”