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DJ Tees – 4


When there's a brutal murder of a popular local DJ at a party to celebrate the opening of Jeff's new record store, Nick and Julie find themselves right at the heart of the investigation. Was it a case of mistaken identity? Could Nick have been the real target? Why is Jeff lying about where he was when the murder happened?
As Nick tries to discover who killed his friend, he encounters the big, new local business hero, Davey James. But what sort of man is he and who is the glamorous woman who visits the Teesside Women Centre where Julie volunteers?
Nick and Julie's lives are turned upside down by some incredible news. However, when there's another vicious murder, the police need Nick to help expose the culprit and in a thrilling, violent and disturbing climax, he has to become the sort of man Julie thinks he isn't, but who Nick secretly fears he really is.

DJ Tees is set in and around Stockton-On-Tees and is the fourth in the Nick Guymer series of mysteries. It is a novel about masculinity, violence and relegation.

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