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King Tees – 10


Nick and Julie are on their honeymoon in Edinburgh at the Fringe Festival. When they meet Barbara Stewart, she just seems like a nice, polite middle-class woman, but within minutes she shoots a man in the head and then apparently disappears, never to be seen again.

When Nick discovers that she’s actually been dead for years, it becomes obvious something very strange is going on. With the help of Jeff and new friend and performer, Jo King, they begin to believe that they?ve accidentally walked into a fiction which has been carefully plotted and planned for years. But by whom? And why?

Or could it just be a fiction that exists only in their heads?

As they get nearer the truth, someone wants to scare them off and Nick will have to draw deeply on, what he calls his Inner Boro, to survive, but can Julie and Jeff do likewise?

King Tees is the 10th Nick Guymer novel. Set in Edinburgh, Stockton High Street, Bedale and on the A66, it is a story about faking, fear and naked selfies.
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