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Queen of the Tees – 2


Is the death of a leading academic a tragic suicide or a heinous murder at the hands of members of the cultish Boudica Society led by the charismatic Florence Farrell?

In the face of apparent police incompetence, Nick Guymer, best mate Jeff and girlfriend Julie are determined to find out what really happened to Jeff’s aunt Susan Rutherford. Jeff is convinced she was murdered but Nick is struggling to fight his crippling depressive moods and struggling to stay in therapy. However, with Julie’s help and determination, he begins to uncover a world of dark, dangerous, deep obsessions and even deeper, darker, long-hidden secrets; secrets that will profoundly change everyone's lives, including his own.

Queen Of The Tees is set in Teesside, Durham and North Yorkshire and is the second in the Nick Guymer series of mysteries. A novel about obsession, depression and car boots….

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