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Sugar Mama – Artie Taylor Mystery – 2


Someone wants Artie and Kaz dead. Is it because they saved the life of Ben Goldman, son of LA’s most venal music industry lawyers? Is it about the Big Money takeover of vegan wholefood store Mother Earth? Is it the protest group Paleo Patriots, trying to get publicity for their cause? Or is it a madman with a grudge against people in the rock 'n' roll business?
With the help of Colleen’s multi-million dollar fortune, her Porsche Sport 911 and two powerful handguns, Artie and Kaz go in search of the truth, and in doing so must confront the nature of their own relationship.

They will have to kill to stay alive.
But can they?

Set in Los Angeles, Malibu, San Francisco and out on the forever highways of California.
Also available as a Kindle from AMAZON