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Teesside Blues – 5


There is something very suspicious about the Teesside Blues festival. Is Stevie ‘Big Fish’ Salmon using it to launder dirty money? Is it a tax scam? And who exactly are the Ironopolis Anarchists? Are they a pressure group holding the rich and powerful to account or something far darker and more frightening?

Old ghosts, old loves and old regrets are haunting Nick, forcing him to find an unorthodox way of keeping his blues at bay. When events take a dramatic and fatal turn, he and Julie and Jeff are forced into a confrontation with a deadly but anonymous enemy. But who is real and who is fake? And who is fooling who?

Teesside Blues is the fifth in the Nick Guymer series. It is a book about being a red, having the blues and wearing white.

Also available as a Kindle from AMAZON