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Teesside Meat – 8


Nick and Julie are invited to the opening night of a new restaurant and club, where they meet the chaotic and strange Flynn family who Jeff calls Teesside hillbillies, along with glamorous, coke-snorting pensioner Gloria York and handsome chef, Mike ‘the Meat’ Bolam. But when 71 year-old country musician Fred Flynn comes off stage and promptly drops dead, Nick becomes convinced that he has been murdered because it looks like everyone is lying about themselves and their actions.

As he delves into Fred’s past, Nick uncovers knots of lies, deception and heartbreak that spread all the way from Texas to rural Teesside. Meanwhile, as Jeff waits for the most important phone call of his life, Nick finds himself praying to a God he wishes he believed in.

When he finds someone has been sleeping in their old allotment shed, who it is and why they’re there, will mean Nick has to lay down his own life to save another. Will Jesus really save him? And will the truth about who killed Fred finally become clear?

Teesside Meat is set in Stockton-on-Tees, around Hartburn Village, Fairfield, Rimswell and Oxbridge. It is a story about faith, fatherhood and feeling different.