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Teesside Shadows – 9


When Nick and Jeff see Jim George, an Elvis impersonater, being chased by his bees, they just think he’s a very odd man. But when he dies in a car crash and they’re first on the scene, it quickly becomes obvious that it was no accident. Someone wanted him dead and for a very good reason.

Very strange things begin to happen. Who has stolen a famous racing cup from Brian Salmon’s house? Can Nick and Jeff find it? And who is the so-called Shadow Man that forces Nick and Julie off the road? Did he kill Elvis? Why is there a tanned stranger at Jackie Well’s house and what is the feud between Blakeston and Regency Stables really all about?
The answer is more shocking than they can grasp and in a devastating climax, Nick, Julie and Jeff will have to fight and they will have to die, in order to save Teesside from devastation.

Teesside Shadows is a book about healing, hypnosis and hometown heroes. It is set on the streets of Stockton, Roseworth, Upper Teesdale and Middlesbrough town centre.