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The Teesside Vote – 14


Julie is standing in a by-election to be elected MP for the Teesside North and Central constituency. With just two weeks to make a big impression, can she persuade enough people to vote for what she calls a “gobby feminist?” Are the candidates she’s up against everything they purport to be? There’s certainly something unusual about each of them, but none are her equal.

As Nick prepares for a new life as the husband of an MP and a very public figure, very odd and unusual things begin to happen in the election. And when an old lover of Julie’s turns up to help her, the question she must answer is how far is she prepared to go to get elected? Will she sacrifice everything she believes in and holds dear? And will that include Nick? The choices she makes will affect their lives forever.

The Teesside Vote is set all across Stockton, Billingham and Thornaby and also in Leeds. It is a story about manipulation, ignorance and superficiality.