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Tyne Tees – 6


It’s Nick and Julie’s wedding day and love is in the air, but the day quickly turns from celebration to horror.
Then, when Jimmy Patel, the powerful leader of the Middlesbrough Industrial Development Organisation is found dead, Julie’s brothers, Ricky and Kev, are arrested for his murder, but they claim to be innocent.
Julie is called away to work in Newcastle for a week but her safety is threatened by Tyneside gangster Mike Cavani, who insists Nick finds out who killed Jimmy Patel.
So Nick and Jeff, with the help of Jeff’s new shop worker and technology expert, Emily Davids, have to deal with Cavani, keep Julie safe and find the real killer.
Nick is fighting on all fronts, both physically and mentally, but without Julie’s support, he’s falling apart and turning to booze.
As Nick, Jeff and Emily finally begin to strip away the layers of lies and deceit, shockingly, it begins to appear as though everyone is guilty.

Tyne Tees is the 6th Nick Guymer novel. It is a book about family, understanding and lavishly tattooed buttocks.

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