Brought up in a tough family on a council estate, she escaped her upbringing by going to University in Newcastle. Has piercing turquoise blue eyes and shoulder length blonde hair often in the style of Stevie Nicks on the back of the Rumours album. Even though she left Nick before the first book begins, she always knew that he was The One. A proud feminist, she wear a Suffragettes badge on one lapel and a Boro insignia one the other. Not a woman to be messed with, she is fiercely intelligent, loyal and always prepared to defend her corner no matter what it takes. She is also what Jeff calls ‘a big giant brain’ and impossible to beat in an argument. She is in a semi-permanent state of war with Jackie her mother, as well as notorious hard-men brothers, Ricky and Kev. Her relationship with Nick is funny and physically passionate.

As she says herself “I make no apology for loving rock n roll, drinking, the Boro and shagging and I don’t care who knows it.”