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Teesside Outsiders – 13


When Josh turns up at Nick’s door and says his pal Paul Richardson is about to kill himself at Allens West railway station, Nick thinks he must have misunderstood. But it’s horribly and dramatically true. The boy wants to die. Can Nick save his life?

At Stockton 6th form college, girls from Josh’s class are being found dead, killed by something, or someone. The Police can’t work out how it’s happened, nor who is guilty, but the deaths increasingly seem to revolve around Josh. Is he being framed?

Nick doesn’t want to believe that boy is in any way involved, but knows the teenager is obsessed with a girl and when he starts to behave very oddly, Nick fears his love for the lad is blinding him to reality. Along with Julie and Jeff, he has to uncover the truth behind the deaths, no matter how painful that truth is to accept. What they find out will change Nick and Julie’s life completely.

Teesside Outsiders is set in Allens West, Hartburn Village, Middlesbrough, Stockton, Norton and North Yorkshire. It is a story about Outsiders, Insiders and Inbetweeners.

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